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Problems with Provider @Rulez-Home
Geschrieben von volker am Saturday, 31.January. @ 15:21:28 CET (5 mal gelesen)
Info Hello, since yesterday my provider has big problems. i talked last time yesterday 23.30 to them. they have hardware problems. you can see here a pic of outside ping.
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Info: Rulez @Home of Admin now - Second Version
Geschrieben von volker am Wednesday, 07.January. @ 14:30:21 CET (9 mal gelesen)
Info RuleZ is now reduced to minimum. Without further Extra-Costs Forum, TS3 and BF2 is running now @Home of RuleZ-Admin.

Search InGame-Brwoser for -=RuleZ=- or Connect to IP and Port 16567 for playing BF2 @RuleZ

INFO: This Server is running at my home-server in a virtual system. Therefor the ping is raised around 30ms for all players but me (mine is now 1-2ms haha)

If my Wife or me or normal System-Schedule is blocking the path to internet or put heavy load on the Server you will see Problems in BF2.

That is that bad news. Good news is as i think: No more extra-costs because my home-server is running anyway 24/7 and RuleZ is not Shutdown complete.

We have as a addon now a new Community-Page at Click On me to check it out

Checkit out this will stay Online even if my Home-Site is burned down.

Greetz Volker
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TS3 - Server
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Status BF2 #MAIN Pass:No
-=RuleZ=- Dyn. Maps @home
Punk Buster Enabled: Yes

Map: Strike At Karkand
Game: Battlefield 2
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